Announcing The Deadman Tales

Hey to any who still read this site, today I am announcing my intention of publishing the Deadman Tales on Amazon soon. I have removed the stories from here, as I intend to sell them, so this is somewhat of an apology too I suppose. Anyway, please show support and let your friends know about the story collection and enjoy!

Dances with a fox named Death

Possible start of a new series, please let me know if you would like to see it continue

The man sat on the bench, a glorious sunset lay before him. He stood up and took hold of the noose hung on the tree, and fastened it around his neck. The women shed a tear, telling him the silence and emptiness was the beauty of the place, and then stepped off the edge. “I never needed beauty” he said, a single tear running down his face. And he jumped. But it was not the tightened noose that killed him, nor the lack of air, but the aeons that passed in between gasps… The fox stood in the bushes, his silver fur dirtied in order to hide him. He looked at the woman, dancing in the ruins. She radiated light, a beauty unlike any other he had ever seen.  She spun and leaped, but never made a sound in the landing. The stars themselves were so afraid of her immense beauty; they hid themselves in fear and jealousy. She was so beautiful and serene, and yet… And yet… She was so alone. The fox felt nothing but sadness for the twilight figure, as she danced her dance of agony, the pain of her pain stabbing his heart. He looked down at his paws, hardly fit for dancing, and willed them to change. Her sad expression and the pain he felt only drive his desire forward. A thousand bones broke at once, mountains of pain exploded through him, the world leaned, the sun died, flowers wilted, and he howled until the darkness took him. He awoke in the same bush, making grabs at his new clothes. The coat was white as snow and adorned with black trimmings. How fitting, he thought, finding a nearby stream that he ran past earlier. He stared into it, his eyes met with a fox mask that covered his entire head. He smiled a hidden smile, and stared at the space where the twilight figure had danced earlier. He stalked up the hill, standing above the bushes he gathered himself and moved. His strides bigger than ever and his smile growing underneath his mask, he glided to the ruins. This was happiness, true happiness! She was still dancing, moving as if she were creating art. Precise but passionate movements, translating glory into love and love into dance. The Fox was suddenly scared, afraid he would be burnt by her radiance if he moved too close, but his feet continued to draw him closer. She turned as he stood in the ruins, and smiled a smile that melted him, bend him to her will. He held out his hand, and she took it. They danced under the sun and the moon, twins of light in the sky, and he saw that she was happy, which made him happy. But happiness does not spread as anger does… “How dare he make us wait so long!?” The Flesher lord cried, blood spitting out of his face wounds when he spoke. He and the other two lords, The Corpse and The Spectre, stood in the black iron hall. As soon as the Flesher finished his gory display, the black iron doors creaked open, mist crawling out of the opening. The three, though sharing a growing concern for their safety, strode into the throne room with confidence. Huge black funeral pyres lined the walls, all burning an eerie green flame. The throne sat on a black pyramid of steps, and looked as though it was made of scorched bones. The three lords stood in the centre of the room, and stared at the figure in the throne. Clad from head to toe in pitch black skeletal armour, with an obsidian crown using emeralds for its jewels, was the dead emperor. The face of his armour merely had eye holes, from which a green glow could be seen. But spikes attached to chains pinned him to his throne. “Lords of my enemies, to what do I owe this pleasure?” his voice rasped, as if he had not spoken in a thousand years, but somehow retaining a level tone. The three lords looked at one another, and then the Flesher spoke up, “Dead Emperor! We come to you, putting aside our differences with you to ask for aid!” The silence filling the room was deafening. Then the emperor laughed a loud raspy laugh that cut through the silence like a sword through armour. “Why would I help you?” he asked, his voice as level as before, as if he had never laughed, “You who lead the rebellion to my rule here?” The others shuffled, but the Spector deemed this his time and said, “My former lord, there are larger matters here. A dragon has been terrorising the land, YOUR land, and we simply ask you to help us put him down” The emperor thought for a minute and replied with “Put him down you say? Why on earth would I do that?” “BECAUSE YOU OLD FOOL!!!” the Flesher shouted, blood shooting across the floor, “IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED, WE ARE WINNING THIS REBELLION! YOU HAVE YET TO MOBILIZE ANY FORCES AND WE ARE IN THE MOST STRATEGIC POSITION TO DESTROY YOU. IF IT WEREN’T FOR THIS BLOODY DRAGON, WE WOULD BE USING YOUR BODY TO MOP OUR FLOORS WITH, SO IF YOU HELP US WE WILL OFFER YOU A FUCKING WAY OUT!!!” The other Lords were shocked, but the emperor’s face guard could not give a hint of his expression and his voice remained level, “Are you quite finished making this mess? If so, I will show you not only why you will not win, but why I will be offering you a way out in a minute” To this the Flesher laughed “You and what army?” “Who ever said I needed an army?” The lords were more than a little confused, but the emperor merely hummed. The humming was soft, and yet somehow filled the room. It progressed slowly into a growl, reverberating through the room. The wall began to shake as the growl became a roar, dust raining from the ceiling. The king’s chest seemed to bulge forward, further and further until in a burst of flame and darkness the dragon shot forth. Its roar shook the castle and the lord’s souls to their foundations. “As you can see my lords, I have nothing to fear from this beast!” the emperor laughed, the emeralds in his dark crown glaring with a furious light, “As we speak my dead men have surrounded your armies, you have lost this war! NOW BOW!” The lords looked at one another, and bend the knee. The emperor laughed, his dragon dissipating into smoke. “Friends, I have excellent news!” The lords stood on uneasy legs, “This war shall not take residence in my mind. As my new, and un-mistakenly loyal, vassals I feel I must give you our next course of action. The only other plane in this godforsaken afterlife is that twilight world of ruins and oddities. This is not worth our time or effort. No my friends, I look for greater things! For too long have we sat in the dust, waging war on one another, when we should turn our attention to the world above!” The emperor stood, chains once holding him at bay snapping and disintegrating, leaving naught but his armour and a broken noose around his neck. The lords were shocked as he moved to the centre of the room, towering over all three of them, and pointed upwards. They all gazed up to the swirling void in the sky, an accepted feature of this afterlife they all shared. “NOW MY FRIENDS, TO THE WORLD OF THE LIVING!” He roared. Throughout his land, all the skeletons and corpses, all the fleshers and spectres and creatures of the night echoed that roar. They would bathe the living in death and cold, and their world would tremble…

Cycle of Life

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

This was my life, as it is everyone’s.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

The cycle goes on and on, constant repetition.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

I realize now, this was my life.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

It slows down, over time, but resets as soon as you notice. The trick is not to notice, and then it ends.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

It reverberates in my head, echoing through the dark cave of my mind and waking up bad memories.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

This scares me, the memories are vivid and real, playing out my entire life.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

Now my memories are done, but they still go on. I see another’s life now.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

His was harder than mine, but equally as pointless.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

Now it’s dark, fear grips me. The darkness is suffocating, chocking me like a blanket.

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking


Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

I cannot do it again…

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking


Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking

Let me just-

Sprinting, running, trotting, strolling, walking, stop

Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor is an incredibly hard game to categorize, but very easy to review. This game was a pleasure to play, earning itself 5 A’s on its report card and a mere 2 C’s.

What that strange opening sentence means is that the game is very good with 2 or 3 bad points working against it. But as a critic it is my job, no my sworn duty, to find and exaggerate the bad points so you understand them. Before that however, I will tell you why you should definitely buy it. First of all, the game is really beautiful. There are two areas, technically three, where you play in Shadow of Mordor. All the areas look brilliant, and this was played on PS4 so I can only imagine how it would look on a computer, but they are all organic and necessary. Why I say that is a few days ago I was with some buddies of mine and we played COD Black Ops, because we were too lazy to play a good game. I noticed that, in COD you basically play in 1 environment the entire time. It’s 1 shooting gallery with different scenery, but in SoM, the environments help you and feel more like an environment than a highway with beautiful scenery. You could be fighting a battalion of orcs and decide to climb to higher ground and shoot the more annoying and dangerous types with your bow, or stealth kill their leader by running away and sneaking up on them. Or you could release a dangerous creature to distract and take care of the camp while you run or move into a better position. A difficult battle is made much more fun and interesting with careful use of environment, but this brings us to another large part of the game, gameplay. A game can be a beautiful piece of art with the top-of-the-line graphics, but if it plays poorly then it’s not a game. That is thankfully not a problem, as SoM plays very well. The gameplay is reminiscent of the Assassins Creed series, with countering and climbing being very large parts of it, while adding its own spice. The combat is fast paced and flowing, with a few flaws that will be highlighted later, and the enemies are split into many different varieties. The flaws I mentioned earlier are as follows, enemies cluster during battle and you run into mini-bosses a lot. How the game works is that you have to fight 5 Warchiefs in an area, but to get to a Warchief, you need to interrogate a worm, an orc who knows the Warchief’s weaknesses and strengths, or a captain, an orc that’s 1 rank below Warchief. Captains are meant to be a sort of mini-boss that can be encountered in the world and act as a bodyguard to a Warchief. This is a very fun and good idea on paper, but the thing about paper is that it can be destroyed very easily. I was hunting a Warchief at one point and I ran into 5 captains in that one battle, all who attempted to kill me. The cluster is also a much bigger problem than you think as the orcs never really give you a chance to attack the captain, and they can often blindside you.  Remember how I said the orcs are varied in this game, so they attack differently as they have different types, well it is very difficult to pick individuals out of a cluster, except captains and Warchiefs as they have a banner hanging over them, so you won’t know how to counter that enemy until you run headlong into his attack. There is a type of orc known as a berserker who cannot be attacked unless they are stunned or shot with and arrow or stealth attacked, so I was stuck in a situation where I couldn’t identify who was attacking me and what type they were. I simply combat rolled over every orc in that cluster until I reached the edge, then I ran away. There is never a moment in another game where I can pause, stand up, and go explain to my friends how my manly ranger character just played leapfrog with 7 different orcs then sprinted away.

The gameplay doesn’t merely stop at fighting however and allows for climbing, riding the large cat-like creatures called Caragors and picking flowers (no seriously). These gameplay features are very essential, picking flowers restore health somehow, riding Caragors is a fast and fun way to get around and climbing is essential for setting up stealth attacks or escaping a fight. Unfortunately, the flowers are very difficult to find in a heated environment of the battlefield, where they are most needed, and therefore serve very little purpose to anyone except the people attempting to complete the survival challenges. The Caragors works very well, but only when when you are riding them. Every other time they attempt to viciously maul you for giggles as far as I can see, but you eventually learn how to counter them when you are about 60% finished with the game. This is a large part of the game I have noticed, it is a lot more fun as you progress. In the beginning of the game I avoided combat entirely, partly because of my rune choices and the rest of the time was due to the cluster, but near the end of the game I fought with my sword more and more regularly. Not that all that boring gameplay talk is over we can speak about what really matters, (raucous laughter ensues). The story in SoM is that you are a ranger, named Talion, on the Black Gate, that one that borders Mordor, which is the scene where you and your entire family get killed as a blood sacrifice to Sauron. You are denied death and team up with a wraith to fight Sauron’s 3 Black Captains and find out the truth about the wraith’s history. The only problem is that you are one immortal, well trained warrior with an extensive array of supernatural powers fighting a rather incompetent army for control of a country no one really wants anyway, so you have no problems. This is counteracted in the game by something called the Nemesis system. The Nemesis system allows orcs who have killed you to become captains and raise their power levels, the lowest I have seen was 2 and the highest they can reach is 20. It also allows captains to undergo power struggles to rise in rank and level, and it allows you to interrupt those struggles in an attempt to keep them on the same level or kill them. This system is designed so that if an orc is successful in his struggle, escapes an encounter with you, kills you, or survives the fight, it rises in level. This means if you are killed by another orc during that captain’s power struggle, that captain levels up twice for surviving and being successful and you now have a new captain to worry about. It does, however, allow for very interesting innovations. There was one specific orc captain who I kept fighting and he kept coming back from the dead (they can do that) or surviving, but I grew to love this character. He was there right near the end when I had to fight him, and I realized how emotionally attached I was to him. For a game to do that, earns it a big spot on my favourites list and a large bonus in ratings. This game has some terrible moments and some really great moments, but it is by far one of the best games this year. I suggest getting it wholeheartedly, and I would give it a 9/10, or a 91/100. Enjoy!


Kyoukai no Kanata

Kyoukai no Kanata is not at all unpleasant!

That is a joke from the anime itself, so spoiler warning I guess? But welcome to Bad Reviews From Internet Addicts, I am Wizard and I am here to guide you through the writing mass known as Anime and Gaming. First things first, as always, for those too lazy to read the actual review, Kyoukai no Kanata is a really good anime. I really enjoyed it, I might even go onto MAL and give it a good rating. There, you got what you can for, now go away so the dedicated figments of my imagination can read.

Kyoukai no Kanata is an anime about a boy who stops a girl who is standing on their schools roof from jumping off said roof. It turns out she wasn’t going to jump and instead attempts to kill him. And this is where it gets crazy, she uses a sword made of her own blood to stab him through the heart, but he does not die as he is immortal. The guy, Akihito, becomes the crux of the story, as well as his immortality. The story itself is really good, the art style is nice and the characters are cute and lovable. Mirai Kuriyama, the girl from the roof, is a capable but uncertain person, who is terrible at lying and is the object of Akihito’s glasses fetish. The soundtrack is really nice, the opening and closing songs are both beautiful and match the anime well. I really enjoyed it, especially the last three episodes, and hope to see a possible sequel, although I think it is unlikely.

Now for the negative points, for instance a lot of the plot is left unexplained. They mentioned pretty early on that they have to call Cleaners to fix up the areas that are damaged, but we never see the Cleaners or hear any more about them. It makes one wonder if they aren’t the most powerful characters in the series and why they don’t help when shit inevitably goes down. Another is the last three episodes, which may seem contradictory to what I said earlier. I really enjoyed them, but they don’t make sense to me. Besides the creation of an entire dimension, when Akihito was asleep, a memory of Mirai was there to talk to him and stuff, and I can accept that. What I can’t accept is that it is because her corrosive blood is still in him and thus her personality is. One could argue that the blood is magic, but she has not demonstrated this before and if it is so, why does she only use it three ways? Then, in the first couple of episodes we find out that Mirai get anaemia if she uses her powers too much, so she needs to eat a lot of food. I enjoyed that fact, it meant she wasn’t all powerful. But I realised that they never specified how much was too much. This breaks the flow a bit when you watch her get anaemia from fighting a tiny mummy thing, then be totally ok kicking the ass of a giant spectral monster.

If you look hard enough, it is possible to explain all of my negative points. But it is still a great anime, even with the negatives. I had to honestly work hard to find those points, which is a good indication that you should watch it. Enjoy, and if you want a rating, got to my MAL page in the link below. Have Fun!


Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens is a fun if slightly generic battle anime. What a great way to start, hi I am Wizard and I will be reviewing Tokyo Ravens while I can still remember it.

The plot of Tokyo Ravens is uniquely generic, by that I mean that the plot is unique but it is within itself as generic battle anime. The fighting is cool and whatever, but the reason to go t and stick with Tokyo Ravens is for the story. It is about a boy whose childhood friend dies just as he comes to terms with his emotions for her. She dies because a gothic loli witch stabs her through the heart with an armoured demon’s leg. She then turns into paper and that is when our anime truly begins.

Alright, first things first, the good things. The art style is really good, but nothing really new, and the soundtrack is decent. I didn’t pay much attention to the opening scene, as I don’t really understand how they affect the overall quality of the anime, but the intro has a nice song I guess and the imagery is fine. The story and characters are fun, but get serious when they need too, and the action scenes have very little CG in them, aside from some of the familiars. That’s right, familiars, it’s a magic anime set in school. That is always a plus for me, as I love magic, but magic in school is just one of my favourite genres. That is how I found this show actually, looking for a good magic school anime, and I do not regret watching it.

However, with the good comes the bad, and I feel that the anime was a bit rushed. I didn’t feel the weight of characters being hurt or dying because only the main group really get characterised. If the show had a few more episodes that focus on the supporting characters a bit more, I would feel something when they got injured or died. But another point is, this show is not very memorable, as I stated before. I finished it only a week ago and I am already having trouble remembering it. It is a bit like Game of Thrones in that sense, and in others… No I’m joking! The biggest problem here is that it does nothing to push the boundaries, and I can’t really feel the danger here. They constantly talk about this cult-thing that wants one of the main characters who is a reincarnation of the greatest mage ever. They never say what they would do with that character or why they were evil. They were involved in this spirit terrorism thing 2 years before the start of the series, but it never evolves past that. I don’t understand the stakes, even when it gets serious in the last few episodes.

It ends fairly well, with lots of room for a second season, and I would personally look forward to that, but you won’t remember most of the anime until its second season, hopefully, happens. I recommend it to anyone who wants a magic-school-fighting-anime with a nice story and decent characters. I refuse to rate it, but you can see its rating on my anime list in the link below. Enjoy, it’s a fun ride!



Hi guys! We are doing an anime this post! And you guys…

don’t exist…

Anyway, FLCL was a show I happened to watch recently and I am in exams now. It’s not like anime is the only thing I can do now since I am in exams, but it sure is convenient that I don’t go out enough to buy new games (Insert sad face).

Anyway (again) FLCL is a really special anime that takes place in a nameless town. The main character is an elementary student named Naota who is in a pseudo-affair with his older brother’s girlfriend while his older brother is in America playing Baseball. Just as Naota is complaining in a narrative that nothing ever happens in his town, a lady on a Vespa runs him over and hits him over the head with her guitar. This causes a horn to grow out his head and, a while later, the horn grows into a robot. Did I mention this anime is special? I mean special like “Sorry you have to wear a helmet dear, and you drool because you’re special”

This anime is good. That’s the first thing you need to know, I think it is good. It is seriously funny at times and really surreal, because all of these “normal” people act like everything that his happening is, well, normal. Naota is the only one who seems to question things, but he also takes it in his stride. This anime is both slow and fast-paced, blending a feeling of comfort with the characters then shifting you to an extreme roller-coaster ride through one of the trippiest families and towns ever. This anime is not very long, only 6 episodes, but it really leaves an impact on you. For those of you who have watched Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt you will be more used to references in anime to other anime, and FLCL does that without looking back. There are constant references with the character’s actions as well as just flat-out saying the names of the anime. I mentioned in my previous reviews, although they were games, this is something you don’t want to miss because it is so original. You will not watch anything like it, at least not for a while. Lots of interesting stuff has happened in this anime season, but very few can say they were an anime about having silly fun while giving their characters emotional weight. In the 4th episode it is most apparent, spoiler up ahead BTW, that they are still people with heavy emotion. You can see that Naota is struggling with his feelings, his attachment to his brother, his weird family and now all this craziness in his life. He has massive character growth in a tiny amount of time, but it doesn’t feel rushed or forced. It transitions well with the pace.

However, it is not perfect at all. I got tired after watching the first two episodes, as they unloaded so much onto you. But it really picks up, and I watched the rest on my PC rather than my IPad, so the format was better. The art style can be a bit childish if you are a hardened NG Evangelist, but it fits the story well. The references are a bit tired later on, but they start losing them as well, so that can be a bad thing either way. The characters are enjoyable, but I wouldn’t want to meet them, except TV-kun! It also feels like nothing is at stake here when people shrug off being run over, and how the characters handle basically any situation without difficulty.

With all of these negative points, I still think FLCL is worth it! I don’t enjoy ratings, but I would give it an 8/10 if I had to, although it’s for you guys to decide if you want to watch it.



Hey reader! You remember how I mentioned the whole, fiery sword-monster cave wall-gooey experience points-thing last post? Well, I happen to be reviewing a game that so embodies that concept I spent 25 hours of my life trying to finish it and still plan to play more!

It is truly difficult to review a game you enjoyed more than anything else in the last three months at least. I have to be objective here and give this game an honest review of all its good and bad aspects, but I think it speaks for a game in a good way if I struggle to find the bad points. Let’s get the good out of the way right now and focus on the bad later. The game has an extremely compelling story, not so complex that you cannot follow it but not so simple that you work everything out from the beginning. The gameplay amounts to basically combat, which is immersive and fun. You are given eight elements, mapped to your keyboard, to use and fight with. You can combine them and get truly interesting results, but there is also magick. Magick is the specific combination of certain elements to create a special effect, such as raising the dead or having a huge thunder bolt strike an enemy. It works really well in combat and obeys the basic laws of physics, but, and we will cover this more later, it can get really annoying during a large cluster army. The graphics are a cartoonlike style, not quite comic book like Borderlands but cartoonlike, and the soundtrack is epic. The battle music puts you in exactly the right mood for a fight, but repeats itself to the point of exhaustion. The amount of content the game offers is staggering, and it ties the humour in with the content beautifully. The humour is basically referencing pop culture, slapstick and random ridiculousness. This may not appeal to all, but it added a lighter tone to the game as I was playing it. I honestly laughed at the situations and the references I understood, and the achievements are fairly humorous, also chock full of pop culture. I enjoyed playing the Adventure mode, one of the three vanilla modes including Challenge and Versus, the most and was compelled to complete it in 25 hours. That figure can be brought down to 20 hours still if you take out all the time I spent with my friend in Versus and all the time I left the game paused. That is a long game but not impossibly long like Dark Souls or ridiculously short like The Stanley Parable, which is another story all together but I would like to see you try and come up with a comparison better than this.

Now onto the bad, to start off lets go with the combat problem I mentioned before. The melee (close combat) enemies, which are like 70% of the enemies and the other 30%, are ranged that are either accompanied by melees or trying to summon some melees often cluster. They group up and swarm you, which is a problem due to the friendly fire that makes the game so fun. I played with my friend at a point and we used the co-op function in the story mode to try the game out. When we found out friendly fire was permanently on, the game gained a new dimension of fun. But when you are playing alone and just got set on fire by the FIRE-ROCK-SHIELD you just threw down, it is annoying. The difficulty of the combat also ramps up as the enemies learn the same tricks you know and love. Advice, always kill the wizards first, they will insta-kill you with a rock if you don’t. The humour can be a bit on the nose sometimes but often fits in, however it can be annoying since the lines are repeated when you fail a boss fight. In the 9th, 10th and 11th chapters, out of 12, they make fun of silent protagonists by having the boss fights happen due to you not explaining the situation, which is a truly funny thing, but can be annoying to some. The difficulty, as I said before, increases throughout but at a tempo that I never personally noticed until I was insta-killed by a dwarf priest.

For a brief word on the DLCs, I never personally played them but I did a bit of research and from the offset they look very original and fun to play!

Like I said with Papers Please, play it! You will never find anything like this anywhere, Score: 69/42 (and for those that cannot take a joke, 8.7/10)


Papers Please

Papers Please is a game set in a fascist state. A game with an opening remark like that cannot possibly be good, but prepare for a shock as Papers Please is more absorbent than a sponge at a wetness convention.

Now that I have made my amateur comment of the day, let’s get started. Now, random viewer reading my first “published” review ever, you know me. I’m the kind of guy who likes to play a manly game, where I backed up against a wall with a fiery, throbbing sword in my hands and I’m stabbing it into the soft, quivering exterior of a bandit/demon/dragon/generic-fantasy-game-enemy and they squirt hot, gooey experience points all over my armour. Now that you are suitably informed about my personality, I enjoyed Papers Please immensely. It’s a rare experience that doesn’t require violence to keep you stimulated, it’s a bureaucracy game in which you check the paperwork of people attempting to enter a fascist state. This does not sound fun at all, I know, but it is interesting enough to absorb you into the story.

The story is basically that you are a citizen of a fascist state who won a career lottery and became the manager of a new toll booth, you now have to check the paperwork of people trying to enter your country. It is almost literally communist Russia during Stalin’s reign, except you are never introduced to anyone important. Well, there is a secret underground organization of strippers/whores, and a regular conspiracy, and both give you cards. You are interacting with this world with an interesting medium for gameplay, stamping DECLINED or APPROVED, checking for discrepancies in what they said and their documents, scanning them for contraband, etc. But the way in which you view the world is amazing, just like the art style is boxy and grey, it really projects the main characters view on how his life is and what prospects he has.  Your purpose is to feed and looks after your family, but you never meet them. It feels like charity work, and you get a strange feeling of both satisfaction and dissatisfaction from helping your imaginary family. Although, the people you can help are not much better. If you have ever been in human affairs, getting a passport, this is the opposite. Instead of sluggish, it’s pressured as you get paid commission rather than a salary, and these people eventually need to carry all their documents in a suitcase.

But going to my first paragraph, I said “generic” in there at some point, and that is exactly what Papers Please isn’t, generic. It has an interesting concept and visual style, with music that really sets the mood. But going back to the previous paragraph, get used to this, when the people you send through or deny ask for a favour, it’s actually hard to ignore. You never see your family, but they are your reason, the god of exposition told me so, so it’s difficult to sympathise with their problems. The people you “help” are right there though, they are pixel and code people standing in front of you bearing their problems and you are expected not to care for the sake of a leech family that you never see and to serve a government that doesn’t care about you. But they are your family, your son and wife and mother-in-law, for some reason, the only people who actually care about you. Who would you choose?

So play Papers Please, not because it’s actually pretty fun once you get into it, but because it’s interesting and you never play anything like it.